Mancuernas hexagonales. Fabricadas con asa de acero cromado y laterales en caucho. Al ser hexagonales pueden apoyarse en el suelo sin temor a movimientos. No dañan el suelo.
Mancuernas profesionales de diseño compacto. Mango de acero cromado, ergonómico y moleteado antideslizante. Especificación de kg grabada.




Hexagonal dumbbells. Made with a chromed steel handle and rubber sides. Being hexagonal, they can rest on the ground without fear of movement. They do not damage the soil.

All products in equipment for bodybuilding and fitness gyms are tested to be able to support high performance and meet the training needs of customers. We have a wide variety of dumbbells in their different weights and sizes, all dumbbells are sold in sets of 2 units.

13cm grab handle.


  • Professional dumbbells with a compact design, with optimal and safe handling.
  • Steel core with pressed rubber cover.
  • 1 cm thick layer of rubber.
  • Extremely robust.
  • They cannot be disassembled.
  • Chrome-plated steel handle, ergonomic and anti-slip knurling.
  • Kg specification recorded.
  • Available sizes: from 1 to 40 kg.
  • Price per pair.

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