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Dimensions: 1700x1850x2280mm

Weight: 200 kg.

The Rack Cage, also known as a power rack or squat rack, is common fitness equipment in commercial gyms and gyms so if you are thinking of setting up your private gym, don't miss out on this FH-1048 Pulley Rack Cage.


Durable, multi-use frame that allows users to safely perform a wide variety of upper and lower body exercises .

High strength and durability frame made of high gauge steel.

Large dimension structural profile for greater safety and durability.

Ideal for performing squats and bench press exercises.

Includes 2 security bars chromed, 4 supports for dumbbells and 4 lateral bars to hold weight.

Cable pulley system , just add weight until you get the desired level.

It has a pull-up bar to add versatility to your workouts.

Allows for a variety of exercises such as bench presses, rows, lunges, bicep curls, core training, and more.

Whether you want to focus on your fast or slow twitch muscles, this versatile power rack can provide you with a complete training experience full body.

Allows comfortable and safe training.

Combine the rack with an adjustable weight bench (not included) for a complete home gym with endless strength training possibilities .

Pull handles with non-slip grips.

Ensures maximum structural integrity.

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