FH 6000A

FH 6000A

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The F&H Fitness® FH-6000 treadmill has been designed for runners who want to engage in intensive, high-performance training. The dimensions, the manufacturing quality, its robustness, the weight, the stability, the high-end motor together with the racing experience are the characteristics that the FH-6000 treadmill meets.

FH 6000A Characteristics


2063 x 800 x 1371 mm.

Max payload weight


Net weight

105kg, 110kg


220V±10% (50Hz)

Working temperature


Rated Power

1.1kW (1.5hp)



Speed ​​range

0.8 to 16.0 km/h

Time interval

0:00-99:59 (min/sec)

Distance range

0.0 to 99.00 km

Tilt Range

0 to 10 degrees

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