The particularity of this system lies in the use of the SPU self-foaming padded layer and the non-granulated self-adhesive layer. The entire system is granule-free, SBR-free and EPDM-free, making it highly wear-resistant and completely eco-friendly. It is a design based on human kinetics and physical characteristics flooring system, with a hard top layer combined with a soft rebound cushion bottom layer. Therefore, this system offers athletes maximum comfort and high performance. It is specially adapted to athletics tracks.

FH EPU FLOOR TRUCK Self-knotted spray layer provides better anti-slip parameters and spike resistance than traditional granule spray layer. The grain-free powder coat makes the raceway wear-resistant and ensures the stability of appearance and structure. The IAAF certification guarantees that EPU FLOOR TRUCK complies with the highest international standards.

  • seamless.
  • high resistance to abrasion.
  • spikes resistance.
  • excellent security and convenience.
  • high resistance to weathering.
  • resistant to UV degradation.

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