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WATT output technology is at the heart of our new digital console. Stay in phase and on target with a continuous display of your WATT output so you know how much force you are exerting with each turn of the pedal. Track and display other critical work information such as time, distance traveled, calories, RPM, load, and heart rate.

Complete user customization settings
You have the domain your experience with the FH10 Plus. With our new quick setup features, you can get the perfect cycling geometry for you. Create custom user settings for seat height and horizontal position, handlebar height and horizontal position. Additionally, our new handlebar configuration allows for different levels of position for the user when pedaling through calorie mode.

Resilient flywheel
Weighing 20kg, it is controlled by our new Click & Adjust.

Complete adjustment of the user's position according to the height of the seat and the horizontal position of the seat, the height of the handlebar and its horizontal position. In addition, our new handlebar configuration allows different heights of use.

Self-generated power supply
Since this unit is powered by an automatically generated power supply, you can use it both indoors and outdoors on your patio without using an outlet.

Digital Console
Tracks, displays, and records critical workout data, including watt power output, time, distance traveled, calories, RPM, load, and heart rate.

Strong Bottom Bracket
Our new strong 3-piece bottom bracket provides a smooth and reliable pedaling experience. And because it has fewer moving parts, it's virtually immune to failure.

Multi-position handlebars
Multi-position handlebars allow you to use various body positions during your workout to help you work different muscle groups.

ANT+ wireless heart rate receiver (optional) and Bluetooth connection
The ANT+ compatible wireless heart rate receiver allows you to track your target heart rate data so you can adjust the intensity of your work sessions. Connections to Zwift, Kinomap, Rouvy, SufferFest, TrainerRoad, Garmin, Starva, Spivi Fitness, Myzone and more.

Versatile pedals
Mixed pedals that include the SPD automatic clamping system on one side and strap clamping on the other side so you get the exact wearing experience you're looking for.

Spring Ride Seat
The high-density foam seat provides additional cushioning, while the spring frame provides additional support at each edge of the seat.

Tilt transport wheels
The lifting handle and double transport wheels make it easy to move.

Handy bottle holder
Integrated bottle holder and storage compartment.

Dimensions 1480 x 575 x 1260 mm
Weight58.6 Kg

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