Made of hemlock or fir tongue and groove wood panels. On the outside it is lined with lacquered MDF sheets, or imitating metallic surfaces with soft pastel colours. The visible faces have staggered windows.

Professional manufacturing line. Construction system endowed with great flexibility, which allows us to adapt the geometry of the sauna to any surface without requiring work. Cabin built from solid, non-deformable wooden frames, filled inside with glass wool, ideal for thermal insulation, and lined with tongue-and-groove hemlock wood boards.

Compacted complex with perimeter solid wood frames on the floor and ceiling. Door with reinforced solid frame, window, hydraulic closure and interior and exterior handles. Independent roof, lined with tropical abachi wood (without knots or resin) and moldings to prevent heat leaks.

Floor in removable abachi wood gratings. Benches in abachi wood, removable for easy cleaning and located at different levels. Permanent air renewal system. Control panel with programming, double safety thermostat, current fuse and temperature sensor.

Finnish imported electrical equipment, manufactured and approved under CE regulations. With special armored resistors for heater safety, volcanic stones, silicone wiring and wood protector.

Wooden bucket and dipper for water. Internal 15-minute sand clock. Thermometer and hygrometer inside. Interior pilot light with wooden protector. Backrests, rounded moldings and skirt under benches included.

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