Dimensions 672 x 667 x 231cm.

Total height 231cm.

Drop height 231cm.

Security zone 1075 x 1070cm.


Citizens' concern for health grows year after year and numerous institutions, private companies or neighboring communities invest in well-being by integrating these machines into their open spaces for the development of physical condition and designed for the sports practice of the active population.

The construction of these training parks is one of the best investments for health Promoting the improvement of health, integration and fun fitness, makes the exercise park a natural and intergenerational meeting point for people in all areas of the life.

Every detail is well designed, from the high level of functionality and usability, to the aesthetic and robust design, while simple and easy to adapt to any space.

F&H Fitness® presents the range of multifunctional outdoor structures that allow physical exercise in a simple and safe way.


Structure combined in top quality steel tubes of 114mm / 89mm / 48mm / 32mm and a thickness of 2.5mm.


The ergonomic and anthropometric design is based on the use of the multi-station equipment in an efficient way, avoiding unnecessary fatigue and the appearance of injuries in the user, guaranteeing their safety.


The material of the screws is stainless steel of the highest quality that guarantee safety against environmental agents.

Rope net

Black nylon mesh, with a center composed of six steel cables with a total diameter of 16 mm. Resistance, 800 kg.

Cast aluminum connectors with electrostatic paint finish. Stainless steel connectors and fittings.


DuPont Powder Paint.

Electrostatic polyester powder paint finish, 90-120 μm thick. (± 20), with non-toxic anti UV protection, lead and cadmium free, 100% safe for health and environment.

RAL colors to choose.

Anchoring to the pavement

By means of concrete footings or with expansion bolts. Supplied by F&H Fitness®.


Cast aluminum connectors with electrostatic paint finish.

Material plastic parts

High-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Exercise pictogram

Informative poster of instructions for the exercises in large size on vinyl for easy viewing. Made of moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant PVC.

QR code

Instruction manual of the exercises by a QR Code applied on the multifunctional equipment and downloadable on any digital device.


The multi-station guarantees user safety through rounded edges and protections in all its elements.


2-year warranty for manufacturing defects. It does not apply in cases of vandalism.


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