The proportional one step more efficient work for the lower body compared with traditional steps, achieved through design "Pedalada Independent Press."

This compact and high quality requires minimal space and yet provides all the performance and training of Fusion technology, combined with high reliability and optimal work.

Fusion Range

Fusion mix autofeed wireless technology with a unique energy efficient design and the latest in entertainment technology to provide cardiovascular fintes solution is, without doubt, the most environmentally responsible product.

Entertainment: The unique display of 10 "self-powered integrated, can display up to 50 channels of TV and is compatible with iPod ®
Education: The intuitive control panel incorporates multiple programs SmartCentre gym motivation and management system.

Energy: The ecological impact of the Fusion range is the smallest available, thanks to technology and design self-powered "no use - no use," resulting in significant energy savings.

Ergonomics: Created in Britain with a design, performance, flexibility and durability. The Fusion range is the most environmentally responsible cardiovascular product and advanced multimedia entertainment available.

Choice without compromise

The three-level Fusion system offers a range for all kinds of fitness environments, providing the same high quality product so as to choose the level of entertainment and technology that meets all requirements.

1 Series

With a user-friendly controls and an integrated display of 10 "motivational input this range takes quality brand proudly Press.

2 Series

Offering all the high performance levels associated with Pulse, The 2 Series comes complete with a wireless connection Tv Tv or self-powered, the perfect choice for leisure professionals.

3 Series

Designed from the beginning of the motivation, entertain and increase user engagement, the 3 Series comes complete with an additional screen 19 "and up to 50 TV channels.

Options: SmartCentre Gym Management Software, iPod ® connectivity, Accreditation IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative).


Width: 725 mm
Height: 1759 mm
Length: 1140 mm


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