A current focus of the popular upright bike, u-cycle Fusion offers an exhilarating workout.

It has a multi-position handlebars stylized supports the use of elbows for maximum performance and comfort. It also features a self-adjusting seat with 10 positions and a curved seat for maximum comfort.

Fusion Range

Fusion mix autofeed wireless technology with a unique energy efficient design and the latest in entertainment technology to provide cardiovascular fintes solution is, without doubt, the most environmentally responsible product.

Entertainment: The unique display of 10 "self-powered integrated, can display up to 50 channels of TV and is compatible with iPod ®.

Education: The intuitive control panel incorporates multiple programs SmartCentre gym motivation and management system.

Energy: The ecological impact of the Fusion range is the smallest available, thanks to technology and design self-powered "no use - no use," resulting in significant energy savings.

Ergonomics: Created in Britain with a design, performance, flexibility and durability. The Fusion range is the most environmentally responsible cardiovascular product and advanced multimedia entertainment available.

Choice without compromise

The three-level Fusion system offers a range for all kinds of fitness environments, providing the same high quality product so as to choose the level of entertainment and technology that meets all requirements.

1 Series

With a user-friendly controls and an integrated display of 10 "motivational input this range takes quality brand proudly Press.

2 Series

Offering all the high performance levels associated with Pulse, The 2 Series comes complete with a wireless connection Tv Tv or self-powered, the perfect choice for leisure professionals.

3 Series

Designed from the beginning of the motivation, entertain and increase user engagement, the 3 Series comes complete with an additional screen 19 "and up to 50 TV channels.

Options: SmartCentre Gym Management Software, iPod ® connectivity, Accreditation IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative).


Width: 612 mm
Height: 1472 mm
Length: 1242 mm


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