Aúna seguridad, ligereza, robustez y elasticidad fruto de una investigación y de numerosas pruebas durante su proceso de desarrollo.
Se compone de una estructura tubular, una malla altamente elástica y resistente unida a la estructura hexagonal mediante un nuevo sistema de cordaje y un manillar regulable.



combines safety, lightness, robustness and elasticity, the result of research and numerous tests during its development process.

It consists of a tubular structure, a highly elastic and resistant mesh joined to the hexagonal structure by means of a new stringing system and an adjustable handlebar.

This trampoline is created for low, medium and high performance exercise without losing its qualities and with a long useful life.

Height-adjustable handlebar made of steel. Compactly attached to the structure. Comfortable ergonomic foam grip.

Trampoline floor
The surface of the trampoline is made up of a polyethylene mesh with reinforced stitching on both sides. Made of an antistatic material that prevents slipping.

Tubular structure
Tubular steel structure capable of absorbing most of the impact energy of the jump.

Stringing made with individual elastic rubber loops. A patented system to better distribute the impact and rebound.

Trampoline legs
Removable legs with non-slip base. The rubber foot pads ensure stable contact with the ground and ensure there is no movement of the trampoline.

Maximum user weight: 110 Kg.


Bed height: 35.5 cm

Maximum height: 120.5 cm

Height adjustable handle: 117 cm to 120.5 cm

Bed width: 118x126 cm

Thickness: 28x1.5 mm

Number of legs: 7

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